London From the Air
Rizzoli, spring 2024

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By shooting with the newest high-resolution cameras while leaning out of helicopters, Milstein offers us a new take on familiar architecture and landscapes. His award-winning work brings a fresh and unexpected view of the city. Granted unusual permission to bypass the strict laws around aerial photography over the capital city, Milstein treats us to views that otherwise would not be seen, and this new book fills a gap of more than fifteen years of aerial photographs of London.

Milstein’s distinctive style—straight down—brings London to life in a way that is impossible to imagine from street level: from the Thames snaking through the heart of the city to Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, the City of London business district, Canary Wharf, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, and the magical symmetry of roads and beloved green commons.


Jumbo archival handmade book, printed by the author, hand-bound using traditional techniques in London. The book features some of the best of Jeffrey Milstein’s award-winning, iconic aerial photography over the last ten years. The book includes 60 aerial images of Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Italy. Introduction by James Crawford. 17 inches tall by 22 inches wide. Limited edition of 25. Each purchase comes with complimentary white gloves, and is signed and numbered by the author. Finished with Japanese linen and presented in a clamshell case. Printed on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique 210gsm archival grade paper. Click here to inquire about availability.

Paris From the Air
Rizzoli, 2021

From sunrise to sunset, Paris is one of the most photographed cities in the world. Shooting with the newest high-resolution medium-format professional cameras while leaning out of helicopters making steep turns with the door off, Milstein captures the highly detailed, iconic, straight-down images that set his work apart.
Milstein’s distinctive style–straight down–leads to fresh insights of the urban design of this great city. In a way that is impossible from street level, you can see the old neighborhoods of Montmartre and Montparnasse; iconic historical monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe or the Invalides; and modern Paris like La Défense or the new neighborhoods around the Bibliothèque Nationale. As a bonus, there is a portfolio of images of the gardens and buildings of Louis XIV’s great palace, Versailles.
Milstein brings his unique and unmatched aerial vistas of Paris to life–every angle, every moment, every season. This is sure to be treasured by tourists and Parisians alike.
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Civilization: The Way We Live Now
Thames & Hudson, 2017

Hardcover book including Jeffrey Milstein and other artists, accompanying the traveling exhibition by the same name. See “shows” page for more information on current and upcoming presentations of this exhibit. (Book with cover as shown on left is only available for purchase at the exhibition.)

“Jeffrey Milstein’s airport (p. 184) reveals itself as a perfect illustration of contemporary civilization’s degree of precision control over its environment: what remains of nature is purely decorative, even pathetic, sketched by a designer as a flourish.”

Thames & Hudson, 2017

A unique dual aerial portrait of Los Angeles and New York, in a stunning case of compare and contrast from a bird’s-eye point of view
LA NY is a dazzling visual tale of two cities, Los Angeles and New York, as seen from the air. Photographed straight down at a ninety-degree angle to emphasize the particular patterns of place, how the urban grid adapts to local topography, and how the topography itself adapts to human purposes, these two cities are revealed as never before in astonishing detail. Photographer Jeffrey Milstein explores residential and commercial neighborhoods, parks and recreation spots, as well as industrial districts and the infrastructure of transportation. Iconic buildings and landmarks are easy to spot, alongside suburban housing developments, apartment complexes, commercial hubs, entertainment and financial centers, and airports and shipping terminals. Milstein’s work deftly combines architecture, science, and art.
Using high-resolution cameras mounted to a stabilizing gyro, Milstein leaned out of helicopters over Los Angeles where he grew up and over New York where he now lives, looking for shapes and patterns of culture from above, continually awed by the difference an aerial view makes. In addition to the urban topography, events and activities have also been captured, such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and outings at the beach.

Small Dreams
Schiffer Publishing, 2016

Jeffrey Milstein is fascinated with how similar forms repeat themselves in distinctive ways. Here, he examines classic Palm Springs trailer park homes, each composed of the same basic units–the box-like “house,” the flanking carport, and the patio shelter. Photographing each one from exactly the same viewpoint, he shows how the owners have personalized their dwellings in a delightful range of architectural styles from Chinese to early Egyptian to Desert Modern. Parked on small plots with their narrow ends facing the street, these tiny homes were originally made of surplus sheet metal using technology developed in aircraft factories during WWII. In documenting these older mobile homes, including the Blue Skies Village Trailer Park founded in 1955 by Bing Crosby, Milstein reveals how we shape our world to reflect our dreams and aspirations.

Cuba: Photographs by Jeffrey Milstein
Monaceli Press, 2010

The images contained in this book do more than mirror reality in Cuba. They offer an orientation to its complexities. They present glimpses that are factual, realistic, honest, mixed with a breath of lyricism and quotidian simplicity, capturing our attention and allowing us to see the unseen. They get us in touch with the depth of our own inwardness and expand our sympathies not only for the Cuban people but also for humanity. —Nilo Cruz

Cuba is a rhythmic, colorful, sophisticated, and intimate view into this isolated island that has long existed in a state of paralysis, immobile in time. Photographer Jeffrey Milstein captures and delves deep into the beauty, soul, and the extremes of Cuba’s urban life, the character of its people, the atmosphere of the region, and the country’s visual attractions and landscape.

The artful presentation and more than one hundred stunning photographs portray a story far more revealing and intimate than words can tell, rare views of Cubans at work and play will dispel any notion you might have that Cuba is a somber and depressing place, and will draw you into the history and the people that make Cuba our most fascinating neighbor.

AirCraft The Jet as Art
Abrams, 2007

Often it takes an artist to show us that the familiar is in fact truly remarkable. Jeffrey Milstein’s elegant photographs of commercial airliners have quickly become contemporary icons, exhibited at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery in NYC, Paul Kopiekin Gallery in Los Angeles, and awarded first place in PDN’s Digital Photography issue.