Aircraft: The Jet as Art

2005-2009, archival digital prints, 24 x 24” to 50 x 50”

AirCraft: The Jet as Art, features large-scale images of airliners in flight, shot at the precise moment when the aircraft is overhead. This work combines passions for form, symmetry, color, and flight. As a typology of aircraft, these photographs open up conversations about the complexity and beauty of modern technology. They are an attempt to share my sense of wonder. Watching a mammoth Boeing 747 gracefully gliding overhead on the way to touch down never ceases to amaze me, but they are also a meditation on how technology can be a double-edged sword when things go wrong. 

Publications and awards: 
photomagazin, cover and six pages, June 2005; 
Graphis Photo Annual, 2005
; American Photography Annual, 2005; 
PDN Digital Contest 2005.